Cryptocurrency 101

Beginner Course

Introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain by Portfolio Kings. In this course we share all of the basics and even more advanced concepts when it comes to entering the cryptocurrency markets.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Encryption and Blockchain

    • Introduction Video

    • History of Encryption: What is Encryption? (EX. PGP Encryption Walkthrough)

    • History of Modern Monetary Policy and The Inception of Bitcoin/Blockchain

    • Blockchain Technology

    • Proof of Work/Crypto Mining

    • Bitcoin Overview

    • Proof of Stake/Crypto Staking

    • Decentralization, Immutability and Fungibility Explained

    • Real World Use

    • Stock To Flow/Tokenomics: How Crypto Increases in Value

    • Identifying a Project, Interpreting a Whitepaper, Understanding The Community

    • Smart Contracts Explained

  • 2

    Exploring Altcoins

    • Altcoin Intro

    • Ethereum: Smart Contracts

    • Ethereum Overview

    • Cardano- 3rd Generation Blockchain

    • Compound & AAVE: Crypto Lending

    • VeChain: Supply Chain Management

    • VeChain Overview

    • DEXs & Yield Farming

    • Privacy Coins: Monero, Verge, PirateChain

    • Monero Overview

    • Verge Overview

    • Payment Processors: XRP & XLM

    • ENJIN: Decentralized Gaming And NFT Platform

    • Avalanche: Decentralized Asset Platform

    • Zilliqa Overview

    • Ark Overview

    • Elrond Overview

    • Basic Attention Token Overview

  • 3

    Technical Analysis

    • Parabolic Trends

    • Linear Regression